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Fluorescent dyes and quenchers
Fluorescent dyes and quenchers for the labeling of biomolecules.
Oligonucleotide synthesis reagents
Reagents for oligonucleotide synthesis.

Universal solid supports

Non-nucleosidic controlled pore glass (CPG) support with universal linkers for the solid phase oligonucleotide automated synthesis of the sequence with any nucleoside at 3'-terminus.

Amino amidites and supports

Reagents for the synthesis of amino modified oligonucleotides, which can be further modified or immobilized on certain solid supports.

Biotinylation amidites and supports

Phosphoramidites and solid supports for the incorporation of biotin moiety into oligonucleotides.

Spacer phosphoramidites

Spacer modifiers to insert linkers and spacer arms into oligonucleotides, and to prepare branched oligonucleotides.

Polyaromatic phosphoramidites

Phosphoramidites with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) moieties for the introduction of polyaromatic residues in solid-phase synthesised oligonucleotides.

Modified nucleobase amidites

Non-standard nucleobase phosphoramidites suitable for solid phase synthesis of modified oligonucleotides.

Sulfurization reagents

Reagents for the synthesis of phosphothioate oligomers via amidite chemistry.
Bioconjugation reagents
Bioconjugation reagents: biotin, streptavidin, biotinylation reagents, bifunctional cross-linkers, PEG-linkers, auxiliary reagents for click chemistry, etc.


Cycloalkenes for copper-free alkene-tetrazine click reaction.


Hydrazides are carbonyl-reactive reagents for the labeling of aldehydes and ketones.


Non-fluorescent tetrazines for inverse electron demand Diels-Alder reaction (IEDDA) with terminal alkenes and strained olefins, such as trans-cyclooctenes and some cyclooctynes.

Homobifunctional reagents

Homobifunctional crosslinkers with identical reactive groups at opposite ends of the spacer for intramolecular crosslinks and chemical crosslinking of macromolecular chains.


Bifunctional reagents with a thiol (-SH) functional group. Thiols are nucleophilic compounds that participate in many reactions with electrophiles.
Group tags Crosslinking, Thiols
Cell biology reagents
Dyes and reagents for cell biology: cell markers and indicators, substances for metabolic labeling, inhibitors, etc.

ROS indicators

Cell permeant fluorogenic dyes for detection of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in live cells by flow cytometry, microscopy, or fluorimetry.

Ion and pH indicators

Small fluorogenic molecules for indicating specific ions inside cells in vivo. Cell permeant indicators for Ca-, Fe-ions, pH, and others.

Potentiometric probes

Voltage-sensitive dyes for measurement of spatial and temporal fluctuations in membrane potential across the membrane of large cell populations, single cells, and cell organelles.

Cell type-specific markers

Small-molecule fluorescent markers for different types of cells. A fast and well-permeant to live cells and tissues alternative to antibody labeling.
Nucleic acid reagents
Reagents for nucleic acid modification, isolation, and quantification. Reagents for PCR/qPCR.
Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), chemical compounds and active small molecules for chemical and biochemical industry.

Stock intermediates

Intermediates, including heterocyclic derivatives, are of interest due to their wide application in the synthesis of macromolecules and their role in the production of API.
Multimodal imaging reagents
Precursors of tracers for PET CT, MRI contrast reagents, X-ray contrast reagents and NIR fluorescent imaging reagents.

Lanthanide chelators

Сhelating agents for the metal ions of Lanthanide series with various reactive groups for bioconjugation.

PET tracer precursors

Tracer precursors for PET/CT imaging.
Group tags PET/CT imaging
Isotopically labeled compounds
Compounds containing stable isotopes can be used as quantitative standards in quantitative LCMS/MS analysis, especially in complex matrices of biological origin.
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