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Reagents for nucleic acid modification, isolation, and quantification. Reagents for PCR/qPCR.

Nucleic acid quantification

Kits for nucleic acid quantification compatible with various fluorescence measuring equipment.
  • PreciseGreen dsDNA Quantification Kit
    A kit for the quantification of dsDNA using PreciseGreen fluorescent dye.
  • QuDye dsDNA BR Assay Kit
    Ready kit for accurate DNA quantification with fluorometer in the broad range from 100 pg/µL to 1000 ng/µL. Common contaminants are well tolerated in the assay, only 1-20 µL of experimental sample is required. Measurements are performed at room temperature.
  • QuDye dsDNA HS Assay Kit
    Ready kit optimised for fluorometers featuring high sensitivity (HS) and a measurements range from 10 pg/uL to 100 ng/uL
  • QuDye ssDNA Assay Kit
    Ready kit for accurate and sensitive quantification of single-stranded DNA with fluorometer; the measurement range is from 50 pg/μL to 200 ng/μL for initial ssDNA sample.
  • Ribo488 RNA assay kit compatible with plate readers
    Ribo488 fluorescent dye kit for quantitative measurement of RNA concentration in solution. It is compatible with cuvette and microvolume fluorometers. Kit includes buffer and RNA standard.
  • PreciseGreen dsDNA Quantification Reagent, 200×
    PreciseGreen is a dye for precise fluorescence-based quantification of dsDNA in the presence of RNA, ssDNA, and other impurities. The dye exhibits bright fluorescence in the fluorescein channel, which provides a linear response to DNA concentration within the range of low pg/mL to high ng/mL.
  • QuDye dsDNA BR Reagent, 200×
    Concentrated reagent for quantitation of double-stranded DNA in a broad range initial sample concentration using a fluorescence plate reader or fluorometer.
  • QuDye dsDNA HS Reagent, 200×
    Concentrated reagent for high sensitive (HS) double-stranded (dsDNA) quantification to be used in any fluorescence reader.
  • Ribo488 RNA Quantification Reagent
    Ribo488 is the fluorescent intercalating dye for quantitation of RNA.

Nucleic acid isolation

Ready-to-use kits for sample preparation and isolation of nucleic acids from various biological samples and agarose gels.


Nucleic acid stains, intercalating dyes, DNA-binding dyes, reference dyes for PCR, and other fluorescent tools for DNA amplification and detection.
  • Eva488 Lyophilized qPCR kit
    Lyophilized, ready-to-use, high performance qPCR kit with hot start Taq polymerase and Eva488 fluorescent dye. All of the active components are freeze-dried allowing to be shipped at room temperature.
  • dsGreen Lyophilized qPCR kit
    Lyophilized, ready-to-use, high performance qPCR kit with hot start Taq polymerase and dsGreen fluorescent dye. All of the active components are freeze-dried allowing to be shipped at room temperature.
  • DryDrops® qPCR, Single Assay qPCR Lyophilized Beads
    Pre-formulated, pre-dispensed, single-dose lyophilized reaction mixture with all the necessary components for carrying out PCR and qPCR with a volume of 25 μL.
  • Eva488 solution for qPCR, 20×
    Eva488 is an analog of Eva Green, a real-time PCR dye that does not inhibit amplification. It is supplied as a 20× solution in water.
  • N6 oligonucleotide
    Random-sequence oligonucleotide can be used as a universal primer.
  • ROX reference dye for qPCR
    ROX is a passive reference dye for qPCR amplification. The dye can be used to normalize fluorescence intensity of reporter dye in qPCR.
  • Random(dN)10 primer
    Random-sequence oligonucleotide can be used as a universal primer.
  • dsGreen for Real-Time PCR, 100×
    Fluorescent dye for detection of amplification in real-time PCR in a ready-to-use 100× stock solution for adding to the master mix.
  • dsGreen, solid form
    dsGreen is a stain with high sensitivity and selectivity for dsDNA. This product is a solid form of dsGreen that can be used for the preparation of solutions.

Nucleic acid gel electrophoresis

Highly sensitive dyes for staining RNA, single-stranded DNA (ssDNA), or double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) in agarose and polyacrylamide electrophoretic gels.
Group tags PCR and qPCR

Modified triphosphates

Triphosphates for enzymatic labeling and modification of DNA with fluorescent dyes, reactive groups, and affinity groups.
  • Amino-11-CTP
    Amino-11-CTP is a modified cytidine triphosphate for amine labeling of RNA.
  • Amino-11-UTP
    Uridine triphosphate labeled with amino group intended for indirect non-radioactive enzymatic RNA labeling.
  • Amino-11-dCTP
    Amino-11-dCTP is a modified deoxycytidine triphosphate for amine labeling of DNA.
  • Amino-11-dUTP
    Amino-11-dUTP is a triphosphate for the modification of DNA.
  • Amino-11-ddUTP
    Amino-11-ddUTP is a triphosphate for the modification of DNA.
  • Biotin-11-CTP
    Non-fluorescent modified nucleotide for preparing biotin-labeled of RNA in purification and detection applications.
  • Biotin-11-UTP
    Biotinylated UTP for enzymatic RNA labeling.
  • Biotin-11-dCTP
    Biotinylated dCTP for non-radioactive DNA-labeling.
  • Biotin-11-dUTP
    Biotin-labeled deoxyuridine triphosphate for enzymatic incorporation into DNA and indirect detection.
  • FAM-11-UTP, 6-isomer
    6-FAM-uridine triphosphate for non-radioactive enzymatic RNA labeling during in vitro transcription.
  • FAM-11-dCTP, 6-isomer
    6-FAM-labeled dCTP for enzymatic DNA labeling.
  • FAM-11-dUTP, 6-isomer
    FAM-derivative of dUTP with green emission for DNA labeling.
  • sulfo-Cyanine3 dUTP
    Fluorescent dNTP for the labeling of DNA with sulfo-Cyanine3. The nucleotide contains a long linker that allows to incorporate the dye efficiently into DNA strand by various enzymes including Taq polymerase.
  • sulfo-Cyanine5 dUTP
    sulfo-Cyanine5 dUTP is a fluorescently labeled triphosphate used to enzymatically modify DNA with a sulfo-Cyanine5 fluorophore. The reagent contains a long linker arm, which makes incorporation highly efficient.
  • sulfo-Cyanine5.5 dUTP
    Modified deoxy triphosphate containing sulfo-Cyanine5.5 (aka Cy5.5) dye for enzymatic labeling of DNA microarrays, as well as PCR amplicons, and reverse transcripts.
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