PreciseGreen dsDNA Quantification Kit

Cat. # Quantity Price Lead time
20 assays
–   1 days
/ 1 mL dye
200 assays
$450 1 days
/ 10 x 100 uL dye
200 assays
$500 21 days
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Kit for quantitative measurement of double-stranded DNA in samples in the presence of RNA, proteins, and common contaminants. PreciseGreen allows to quantitate as little as low pg/mL of dsDNA. The range of linearity for DNA concentration measurements
is 1 pg/μL – 5 ng/μL so the sensitivity of this kit can be rated as Ultra High (UHS).

The kit contains PreciseGreen dye, buffer, and DNA standard for the measurements. It is compatible with fluorometers, fluorescent plate readers, cuvette and microvolume fluorometers.

General properties

Storage conditions: Store at temperature below 4°С. Do not freeze!
MSDS: Download


Storage time in months: 12


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