Highly reactive cycloalkynes for copper-free click reaction (SPAAC, strain-promoted azide-alkyne cycloaddition).

BCN-PEG4-Cyanine3 (exo)

BCN-PEG4-Cyanine3 is an ethylene glycol separated linker for the azido-modified molecules for copper-free click conjugation.
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3269-1mg 1 mg $105.00 21 days
3269-5mg 5 mg $295.00 in stock
3269-50mg 50 mg $2500.00 in stock

DBCO amine trifluoroacetate

Bifunctional linker containing dibenzocyclooctyne (DBCO, ADIBO) for strain-promoted copper-free click reaction (SPAAC) and free amine for the coupling with various electrophilic compounds like activated esters and epoxides.
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1280-100mg 100 mg $240.00 in stock
1280-500mg 500 mg $600.00 in stock
1280-1g 1 g $1200.00 in stock

DBCO NHS ester

Azodibenzocyclooctyne (DBCO, ADIBO) reagent for strain-promoted copper-free click chemistry (SPAAC). The reagent contains an NHS ester function for the attachment of the cyclooctyne to various molecules.
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44720 25 mg $110.00 in stock
54720 50 mg $135.00 5 days
64720 100 mg $210.00 5 days
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K4720 5 g $3570.00 21 days


A heterobifunctional linker with DBCO and NHS ester function groups flanking PEG6 (hexaethylene glycol).
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3664-10mg 10 mg –   in stock
3664-50mg 50 mg $247.00 in stock
3664-100mg 100 mg $449.00 in stock
3664-1g 1 g $3490.00 5 days

DBCO STP ester

Activated ester for modification of proteins/antibodies/peptides followed by introduction into copper-free click chemistry reaction.
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2584-5mg 5 mg –   in stock
2584-10mg 10 mg $90.00 in stock
2584-25mg 25 mg $180.00 in stock
2584-100mg 100 mg $450.00 in stock
2584-500mg 500 mg $1700.00 in stock
2584-1g 1 g $3000.00 in stock
2584-5g 5 g please inquire 21 days


BCN-PNP carbonate is a tool to introduce BCN moety via carbamate linkage with primary amino groups of substrate.
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4043-100mg 100 mg $280.00 in stock
4043-500mg 500 mg $990.00 in stock

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