JOE in Fluorophores

Absorption max 533 nm Emission max 554 nm Fluorophore chart
JOE is a xanthene fluorophore with an emission in the yellow-green range. It is chlorinated fluorescein, an alternative to HEX dye.

JOE alkyne, 6-isomer

JOE dye alkyne derivative for copper-catalyzed click chemistry reaction with azides. JOE dye is widely used for nucleic acid labeling.
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E21B0 50 mg $695.00 in stock
F21B0 100 mg $1190.00 in stock

JOE azide, 5-isomer

JOE is a chlorinated fluorescein dye which is often used for HEX channel for oligonucleotides. It is less hydrophobic than HEX. This is an azide derivative for сlick chemistry
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A1130 1 mg $110.00 in stock
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D1130 25 mg $410.00 in stock
E1130 50 mg $695.00 in stock
F1130 100 mg $1190.00 in stock

JOE NHS ester, 5-isomer

JOE is a fluorescent dye with emission in the yellow part of the spectrum. This derivative is an activated NHS ester for conjugation with amines.
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21120 5 mg $210.00 in stock
41120 25 mg $410.00 in stock
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61120 100 mg $1190.00 in stock

JOE phosphoramidite, 5-isomer

JOE xanthene dye phosphoramidite for oligo synthesis. Absorption and emission spectra for JOE are located between FAM and TAMRA channels.
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D1160 250 mg $165.00 in stock
F1160 1 g $575.00 in stock
G1160 5 g $2230.00 in stock
H1160 10 g $3300.00 in stock

JOE phosphoramidite, 6-isomer

JOE dye phosphoramidite for synthesis of labeled oligonucleotides. JOE absorption and emission maxima are between maxima of FAM and TAMRA/ROX dyes.
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