R6G in Fluorophores

Absorption max 519 nm Emission max 546 nm Fluorophore chart
Rhodamine 6G is a traditional dye that has a long history of use in qPCR and other applications, mainly in the nucleic acid field.

R6G alkyne, 6-isomer

R6G (rhodamine 6G) terminal alkyne for copper-catalyzed click chemistry reaction with azides. Pure 6-isomer of the dye.
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R6G azide, 5-isomer

Rhodamine 6G is a xanthene dye that has been used for DNA sequencing and qPCR. This azide derivative is used for the attachment of the dye to DNA and other molecules by means of click chemistry.
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R6G NHS ester, 5-isomer

R6G (rhodamine 6G) NHS ester, pure 5-isomer. This dye is often used for the labeling of oligonucleotides for qPCR.
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R6G phosphoramidite, 6-isomer

Phosphoramidite for synthesis of oligonucleotides labeled at the 5'-terminus with rhodamine 6G (R6G). Pure 6-isomer.
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