Calibro® Fluor 610 in Fluorophores

Absorption max 590 nm Emission max 610 nm Fluorophore chart

Calibro® Fluor 610 is a vibrant fluorescent dye specifically designed for qPCR applications. This xanthene fluorophore is a spectral equivalent of carboxy-X-rhodamine (ROX).

The dye is highly stable and withstands all stages of synthesis and processing of oligonucleotides. Due to its structure, the problem of multiple isomers does not arise during the conjugation of the dye with biomolecules. The dye derivatives have a single RP-HPLC peak and well-defined emission spectra, greatly facilitating their production.

The dye can be used in conjunction with the fluorescence quencher DusQ 2.

Calibro® Fluor 610 carboxylic acid

Carboxyl derivative of Calibro® Fluor 610, a red-emitting fluorescent dye specifically designed for qPCR applications. It can be used as a reference standard or for synthesizing various Calibro® Fluor 610 esters.
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