Terms of use

Permissive license

All products sold by Lumiprobe are released under permissive license. Customers are free to use products on their own discretion: for research, diagnostics, commercial use, re-sell and any other use.

Lumiprobe does not provide any guarantee of applicability of the product except clearly specified.

Web site usage

All data and information from Lumiprobe website www.lumiprobe.com can be copied and reproduced in the Internet without permission but must have a reference to origin of the data, and a clearly reading link to Lumiprobe web site http://www.lumiprobe.com
(HTML code: <a href="http://www.lumiprobe.com">http://www.lumiprobe.com</a>)

All data and information from Lumiprobe website can be reproduced in press and printed matter with a reference to Lumiprobe and www.lumiprobe.com.

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