sulfo-Cyanine7.5 in Fluorophores

Sulfo-Cyanine7.5 is a near infrared fluorescent dye for in vivo imaging. The dye is water soluble and hydrophilic. Its absorption spectrum is very similar to indocyanine green (ICG), but its fluorescence quantum yield is significantly higher. Therefore it can be used efficiently as an in vivo NIR fluorophore.

Sulfo-Cyanine7.5 carboxylic acid

Water soluble hydrophilic near infrared fluorescent dye. Carboxylic acid form. Highly hydrophilic due to the presence of four sulfo groups.
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Sulfo-Cyanine7.5 dicarboxylic acid

Sulfo-Cyanine7.5 dicarboxylic acid is a bifunctional cyanine dye with two carboxylic acid (COOH) groups. The molecule can be used to construct cross conjugates containing a near infrared emitting fluorophore.
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sulfo-Cyanine7.5 NHS ester

A water soluble near infrared emitting dye for in vivo imaging applications. Sulfo-Cyanine7.5 is an analog of indocyanine green (ICG) possessing higher emission quantum yield, and containing a linker arm.
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