BDP 564/570 in Fluorophores

Absorption max 565 nm Emission max 574 nm Fluorophore chart

BDP 564/570 is a member of the BDP dye family. Similar to other dyes of this group, BDP 564/570 is an uncharged and relatively non-polar fluorophore. In some cases, such properties of this dye group lead to a better ability of dye conjugates to penetrate through cell membranes in comparison with charged fluorophores. Dyes of this group can be useful for the generation of conjugates of oligonucleotides or non-polar biomolecules. In comparison with their analogs, BDP family dyes have better photostability, and their fluorescence does not depend on the solvent and pH. BDP 564/570 is a derivative of dipyrromethene boron difluoride with a styryl moiety, which extends the π-conjugation length and determines spectral properties of the fluorophore. Our reactive dye derivatives contain C3-linker between the fluorophore molecule and functional group.

BDP 564/570 can be used in experiments with measuring fluorescence lifetime and fluorescence polarization. Because the core part of the structure of the BDP family dyes has a high two-photon absorption cross-section, they can be used in two-photon microscopy. BDP 564/570 has a Stokes shift of 6 nm and a narrow emission spectrum in the yellow spectrum range, so it is convenient for multiplex experiments, for example, in various fluorescent microscopy applications.

BDP 564/570 carboxylic acid

A derivative of BDP 564/570 fluorophore with a free carboxylic acid functional group. The dye has emission in orange part of the spectrum.
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BDP 564/570 NHS ester

Lypohilic borodipyrromethene dye with orange emission for the labeling of primary and secondary amine groups.
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