TET (Tetrachlorofluorescein) in Fluorophores

Absorption max 519 nm Emission max 535 nm Fluorophore chart

TET azide, 6-isomer

TET is a green-fluorescent fluorescein derivate with spectral properties similar to R6G, JOE, and VIC, widely used for labeling PCR probes. This reagent is an azide for dye conjugation by click chemistry.
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18230 1 mg $110.00 in stock
28230 5 mg $210.00 in stock
48230 25 mg $410.00 in stock
58230 50 mg $695.00 in stock
68230 100 mg $1190.00 in stock

TET phosphoramidite, 6-isomer

TET phosphoramidite for synthesis of 5’-labeled oligonucleotides.
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D8160 250 mg $197.00 in stock
F8160 1 g $575.00 in stock
G8160 5 g $2265.00 in stock
H8160 10 g please inquire 21 days

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