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Since 2006, we manufacture and sell advanced chemicals for life science research and diagnostics. Our catalog includes fluorescent dyes, phosphoramidites for oligonucleotide synthesis, click chemicals, and other reagents. Most of the items are kept in stock and ready for immediate shipping to worldwide locations.

High quality

We guarantee the superior quality of our products by providing real analytical data, such as NMR spectra and HPLC-MS profiles for each lot.

Great pricing

We provide excellent pricing for our products. Check out our catalog now and compare the prices with our competitors.

Quick delivery

We keep catalog items in stock. Overnight delivery is possible in US and EU. Delivery is quick to other worldwide locations, too.


We provide the highest level of technical support to our customers. Just call us and we will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Simple payment

We accept Purchase Orders with NET 30 day terms, Credit cards, PayPal, checks, and wire transfers.
Variety at a glance

This interactive fluorescent dye chart helps you select your preferred fluorescent label from our whole portfolio of dyes and reactive groups.


Near-infrared fluorescent dyes

Bright reactive near-infrared dyes for in vivo imaging and drug discovery ...

Recent news
09.06.2024 — Lumiprobe offers a range of carbocyanine dyes with different membrane diffusion rates, solubility, and fluorescence properties. Read more


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