Full pallete of lipophilic tracers

09.06.2024 — Lumiprobe offers a range of carbocyanine dyes with different membrane diffusion rates, solubility, and fluorescence properties.

Good stains for your NA

11.04.2024 — Good news and good stains for your nucleic acids! Now, we produce a series of dyes to stain DNA and RNA in gels and PCR probes.

Keep fluorescence with our mounting medium

13.02.2024 — Our mounting media will help preserve sample fluorescence and provide optimal conditions for sample storage and analysis.

Our DOTA is not a game!

30.11.2023 — Our DOTA and TETA are macrocyclic ligands widely used as a complexing agents, especially for lanthanide ions. These complexes have medical applications as contrast agents and cancer treatments. Lumiprobe offers bifunctional likers of lanthanide chelators for biomolecule labeling.

The new school year – with new paints in a briefcase!

01.09.2023 — The season of vacations is over, and new scientific discoveries are ahead. Especially for the beginning of the new school year, we added a set of new dyes for cell staining to our catalog.

New products for neuroscience applications

11.04.2023 — We are pleased to present our new products designed specifically for neurobiological applications.

New Annexin apoptosis detection kit and other products to study cell survival and death

13.12.2022 — Our catalog has been updated with new products for assessing cell survival and death.

Lumiprobe participates in the largest meeting for neuroscientists, "Neuroscience 2022"

28.10.2022 — This year our company acts as a Bronze Sponsor of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) annual meeting. SfN’s Neuroscience 2022 will take place November 12-16 in San Diego, USA.

Lumiprobe for cell biology

20.09.2022 — Lumiprobe has prepared a range of dyes for cell biology applications. Now you can try our cell markers: membrane, nuclear, mitochondrial, lysosomal, etc., and evaluate the functional state of cells at an attractive price.

Our new products

15.02.2022 — Modified nucleotides, reactive dyes, click chemistry reagents, PEG-based crosslinkers and reagents for cell biology.
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