Season greeting and discount

24.12.2018 — Results of the year 2018 and a 15% discount on the entire range of our catalog products.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale in Lumiprobe! Get any product with 30% discount!

21.11.2018 — Unbelievable 30% discount on derivatives of fluorescent dyes 23-26 of November, 2018

New QuDye kits for quick DNA/protein quantification

14.11.2018 — Only conventional equipment required: the kits designed for Qubit fluorometer

New products from Lumiprobe: JOE dye and kits for labeling antibodies with NIR fluorophores

20.03.2018 — Generate yellow fluorescence in your qPCR experiments and perform in vivo imaging at a low price!

Antibody labeling kits available!

16.10.2017 — Get your antibody labeled in 40 minutes only for 39 USD!

12h/Day support and cheaper delivery from our new warehouse/office in Maryland

03.08.2017 — Lumiprobe has just opened a new facility in Maryland, which combines both warehouse and office to provide the best service to our customers.

Lumiprobe fluorophores used in iGEM synthetic biology worldwide competition

01.08.2017 — Students from Bielefeld University in Germany are participating in the iGEM 2017 competition and will use Lumiprobe's fluorophores for their project.
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