Keep fluorescence with our mounting medium

13.02.2024 — Our mounting media will help preserve sample fluorescence and provide optimal conditions for sample storage and analysis.

Our DOTA is not a game!

30.11.2023 — Our DOTA and TETA are macrocyclic ligands widely used as a complexing agents, especially for lanthanide ions. These complexes have medical applications as contrast agents and cancer treatments. Lumiprobe offers bifunctional likers of lanthanide chelators for biomolecule labeling.

The new school year – with new paints in a briefcase!

01.09.2023 — The season of vacations is over, and new scientific discoveries are ahead. Especially for the beginning of the new school year, we added a set of new dyes for cell staining to our catalog.

New products for neuroscience applications

11.04.2023 — We are pleased to present our new products designed specifically for neurobiological applications.

New Annexin apoptosis detection kit and other products to study cell survival and death

13.12.2022 — Our catalog has been updated with new products for assessing cell survival and death.

Lumiprobe participates in the largest meeting for neuroscientists, "Neuroscience 2022"

28.10.2022 — This year our company acts as a Bronze Sponsor of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) annual meeting. SfN’s Neuroscience 2022 will take place November 12-16 in San Diego, USA.

Lumiprobe for cell biology

20.09.2022 — Lumiprobe has prepared a range of dyes for cell biology applications. Now you can try our cell markers: membrane, nuclear, mitochondrial, lysosomal, etc., and evaluate the functional state of cells at an attractive price.

Our new products

15.02.2022 — Modified nucleotides, reactive dyes, click chemistry reagents, PEG-based crosslinkers and reagents for cell biology.


18.11.2021 — Take advantage of our 15% discount for all items! Don't wait, this offer is only valid for orders made until 30 November!

Staining nucleic acids in eukaryotic and bacterial cells with our new LUCS 13 Green Fluorescent Stain

04.05.2020 — Our new nucleic acid stain LUCS 13, an analogue of SYTO™13, is intended for staining DNA and RNA in eukaryotic cells and bacteria.

Let the FREE Respirator Mask be our souvenir

23.04.2020 — Starting from today we have to replace our traditional Lumiprobe souvenirs with free respirator mask (KN95). Any shipment within USA above $200 will be packed with one or several masks depending on order total and amount of masks we have.

We up scaled ROX reference dye production for COVID19 diagnostic kits

15.04.2020 — Following the growing market need we are now able to offer a bulk of ROX passive reference dye from stock with extremely competitive price. Current need of PCR tests was a challenge for our production team but now all the technical issues are solved and production capacity allows us to supply any client worldwide with reliable supplies.

BDP 493/503 lipid stain for lipid droplets labeling

31.03.2020 — New fluorescent dye BDP 493/503 specific for neutral lipids and utilized for the labeling of lipid droplets in the cell. Free trial-size samples are available.

New PEG-linker Iodo-PEG3-azide for your conjugation needs

20.03.2020 — New catalog addition Iodo-PEG3-azide with iodide group used in reactions with nucleophiles like thiols, amines, alkoxy anions, etc., and azide group used in Click Chemistry reactions.

Protein labeling is made easier with our new buffer!

14.03.2020 — New 1.5x Protein labeling buffer for conjugation of proteins with fluorescent dyes via CuAAC.

We are ready to say that labeling in aqueous environment doesn't require extra costs anymore!

10.03.2020 — We are glad to announce that we have done a lot to cut the price of sulfo-Cyanine3 and sulfo-Cyanine5 NHS esters and related carboxylic acids to become equal to the price of non-sulfonated Cyanines.

Sulfo-Cyanine5.5 DBCO for in vivo near-infrared (NIR) imaging

28.02.2020 — New derivative of near-infrared Cy5.5 for Cu-free conjugation with azide-containing biomolecules. Free trial-size samples are available.

BDP 505/515 stain for the detection of nonpolar lipids in live cells

20.02.2020 — New tracer BDP 505/515 for nonpolar lipids is now available in our catalogue. We are ready to send a free trial-size sample to research groups interested in performing their research with our new fluorescent stain.

New, research advancing products are available at Lumiprobe

30.07.2019 — Solid support for long oligos, activated PEG3 and rhodamines with maleimide/DBCO: free trial-size products are ready for shipping!

Try our new labels coming in May 2019

07.05.2019 — New labels and reagents for oligonucleotide synthesis are now available in our catalogue. We are ready to send free trial-size products to research groups interested in performing their research with our new products.

Latest offers from Lumiprobe: try for free until the end of May 2019

09.04.2019 — Try latest offers from Lumiprobe in April/May 2019 to evaluate the quality of our products.

Season greeting and discount

24.12.2018 — Results of the year 2018 and a 15% discount on the entire range of our catalog products.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale in Lumiprobe! Get any product with 30% discount!

21.11.2018 — Unbelievable 30% discount on derivatives of fluorescent dyes 23-26 of November, 2018

New QuDye kits for quick DNA/protein quantification

14.11.2018 — Only conventional equipment required: the kits designed for Qubit fluorometer

New products from Lumiprobe: JOE dye and kits for labeling antibodies with NIR fluorophores

20.03.2018 — Generate yellow fluorescence in your qPCR experiments and perform in vivo imaging at a low price!

Antibody labeling kits available!

16.10.2017 — Get your antibody labeled in 40 minutes only for 39 USD!

12h/Day support and cheaper delivery from our new warehouse/office in Maryland

03.08.2017 — Lumiprobe has just opened a new facility in Maryland, which combines both warehouse and office to provide the best service to our customers.

Lumiprobe fluorophores used in iGEM synthetic biology worldwide competition

01.08.2017 — Students from Bielefeld University in Germany are participating in the iGEM 2017 competition and will use Lumiprobe's fluorophores for their project.
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