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Protein quantification

Kits for protein quantification that are compatible with various fluorescence measuring equipment.
  • ProteOrange Protein Quantification Kit
    The core of this Protein Quantification Kit is a very sensitive ProteOrange fluorescent dye. This dye is suitable for use with spectrofluorometers and microplate readers. The kit is optimised for protein quantification, with detection level as low as 10 ng/mL of protein in final solution.
  • QuDye Protein Quantification Kit
    Ready kit for simple and tolerant to contaminants quantification of proteins. Kit includes concentrated assay reagent, dilution buffer, and prediluted BSA standards.
  • ProteOrange Protein Quantification Reagent, 500x
    Sensitive fluorescence-based assay reagent 500x concentrate for quantitating purified protein samples. The reagent shows minimal variability for different proteins.
  • QuDye Protein Quantification Reagent, 200x
    Highly sensitive and selective reagent for fluorometric quantification of protein concentration, using both fluorescence microplate readers and cuvette-based devices. The dye is highly tolerant to non-protein impurities, except surface acting agents.

Protein gel electrophoresis

Reagents for proteomic research, 2D electrophoresis of proteins

Protein labeling kits

Lumiprobe protein labeling kits contain all necessary chemical components and consumables to achieve quick and efficient modification of proteins with little effort. Labeling kits make use of NHS ester chemistry.
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