BDP 576/589 in Fluorophores

Absorption max 580 nm Emission max 592 nm Fluorophore chart

BDP 576/589 is a boron dipyrromethene dye with emission in the orange spectrum range. This dye belongs to the BDP family and has expressed hydrophobicity, high quantum yield, and high molar extinction coefficient. The pyrrole ring in the molecule increases the π-conjugation area and participates in the formation of fluorophore spectral characteristics (i. e. moves the absorption and emission spectra in the long-wave region). Our reactive dye derivatives contain C3-linker between the fluorophore molecule and functional group.

This fluorophore has a relatively long excited-state lifetime (about 5 nanoseconds) and marked sensitivity to changes in microenvironment polarity, so it can be used in experiments measuring fluorescence lifetime and in fluorescence anisotropy assays. Because of its large two-photon absorption cross-section, this dye can be also used in two-photon excitation microscopy.

BDP 576/589 has a Stokes shift of 13 nm and a narrow emission spectrum, which makes it an attractive fluorophore for various fluorescent microscopy types.

BDP 576/589 carboxylic acid

Derivative of BDP 576/589 fluorophore with non-activated free carboxylic acid group.
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BDP 576/589 NHS ester

BDP 576/589 NHS ester is a bright hydrophobic dye with emission in the orange spectrum range. It can be used in fluorescence anisotropy assays.
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BDP 576/589 tetrazine

Tetrazine derivative of BDP 576/589 hydrophobic dye for conjugation with trans-cyclooctenes and cyclopropenes in the TCO ligation reaction.
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