BDP 576/589 NHS ester

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BDP 576/589 (a BODIPY™ 576/589 analog) is a boron dipyrromethene dye. This hydrophobic dye has high quantum yield and long excited-state lifetime (about 5 nanoseconds). It can be used for measuring fluorescence lifetime and fluorescence polarization and in two-photon laser scanning microscopy.

This reagent is an activated N-hydroxysuccinimide ester of the dye with reactivity to primary and secondary amino groups.

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General properties

Appearance: dark colored crystals
Mass spec M+ increment: 328.1
Molecular weight: 426.18
CAS number: 201998-61-0
Molecular formula: C20H17N4BF2O4
Solubility: soluble in polar organic solvents
Quality control: NMR 1H, HPLC-MS (95%)
Storage conditions: Storage: 12 months after receival at -20°C in the dark. Transportation: at room temperature for up to 3 weeks. Avoid prolonged exposure to light. Desiccate.
MSDS: Download
Product specifications

Spectral properties

Excitation/absorption maximum, nm: 580
ε, L⋅mol−1⋅cm−1: 98000
Emission maximum, nm: 592
Fluorescence quantum yield: 0.13
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