sulfo-Cyanine3 NHS ester

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Water soluble, amino-reactive sulfo-Cyanine3 NHS ester that efficiently labels proteins and peptides in purely aqueous solution without needing organic co-solvent. Ideal for proteins with low solubility and proteins prone to denaturation.

This is the sulfonated, hydrophilic, and water-soluble dye. Non-sulfonated Cyanine3 NHS ester is also available.

This product is an analog of Cy3® NHS ester. sulfo-Cyanine3 NHS ester replaces Cy3® and DyLight 549 for all applications.

sulfo-Cyanine3 absorbance and emission spectra

sulfo-Cyanine3 absorbance and emission spectra

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General properties

Appearance: dark red crystals
Molecular weight: 751.91
CAS number: 1424150-38-8 (sodium salt); 1424433-17-9, 1518643-34-9 (inner salt)
Molecular formula: C34H38N3KO10S2
IUPAC name: 3H-​Indolium, 2-​[3-​(1,​3-​dihydro-​1,​3,​3-​trimethyl-​5-​sulfo-​2H-​indol-​2-​ylidene)​-​1-​propen-​1-​yl]​-​1-​[6-​[(2,​5-​dioxo-​1-​pyrrolidinyl)​oxy]​-​6-​oxohexyl]​-​3,​3-​dimethyl-​5-​sulfo-​, inner salt, sodium salt
Solubility: soluble in water (0.62 M = 47 g/L), in polar organic solvents (DMF, DMSO)
Quality control: NMR 1H, HPLC-MS (95%)
Storage conditions: Storage: 12 months after receival at -20°C in the dark. Transportation: at room temperature for up to 3 weeks. Avoid prolonged exposure to light. Desiccate.
MSDS: Download
Product specifications

Spectral properties

Excitation/absorption maximum, nm: 548
ε, L⋅mol−1⋅cm−1: 162000
Emission maximum, nm: 563
Fluorescence quantum yield: 0.1
CF260: 0.03
CF280: 0.06

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