Cycloalkenes in Reactive groups

Cycloalkenes are strained alkenes, tetrazine-reactive derivatives for inverse electron-demand Diels-Alder cycloaddition reaction (IEDDA).

Trans-cyclooctene (TCO) is one of the most used cycloalkenes for bioconjugation tasks. TCO-Tetrazine ligation possesses ultrafast kinetics, selectivity, high yielding, and long-term aqueous stability, which is important in low-concentration applications such as protein-protein conjugations, etc.

TCO-PEG4-NHS ester (axial isomer)

A heterobifunctional linker with trans-cyclooctene and NHS ester groups flanking PEG4 (tetraethylene glycol) for labeling of antibodies, proteins, and other primary amine-containing biomolecules.
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