Linear Acrylamide for NA precipitation

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2863-100uL 100 uL –   7 days
2863-500uL 500 uL $110.00 7 days

Linear polyacrylamide is inert substance, it does not inhibit enzymatic reactions and is appropriate for small amounts of nucleic acids (NA) precipitation. It is perfect for quantitative recovery of small amounts of NA in dilute solutions.

Linear polyacrylamide does not interfere with A260/280 readings and has no impact on the spectral characteristics of NA, useful for precipitation of fragments larger than 15 base pairs and separation PRC reaction products from nucleotides and shorter fragments. Being produced as a result of chemical synthesis Linear Acrylamide for NA precipitation has a benefit of being free from contamination with enzymes.


Reagent is supplied as 20 mg/mL solution and does not require an additional dilution; 1 mkL of Linear Acrylamide for NA precipitation solution is recommended for one NA extraction. For DNA precipitation add Linear Acrylamide for NA precipitation and then 0.8 volume of isopropanol or 2.5 volumes of ethanol in presence of salt solution (for example 0.3 M sodium acetate), wash the pellet with 70% ethanol, remove the supernatant fluid, and resuspend the pellet in water or Tris buffer.

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