Azide-PEG4-maleimide kit

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The Azide-PEG4-maleimide kit contains two components to make a resulting mix from NHS-3-maleimidopropionate (MPS) and Azide-PEG4-amine reagents. The target product has two functional groups: maleimide and azide with tetraethylenele glycol linker for two-step conjugation techniques.

Azide-PEG4-maleimide is a crosslinker product for thiol-maleimide chemistry, azide-terminal group can be used for labeling a wide range of proteins, peptides, and affinity reagents through CuAAC.

Azide-PEG4-maleimide is not stable, thus needs to be made in situ immediately before use. Dry organic solvents should be used to prepare a stock solution which can be stored at -20°C (hours).

Kit components:

  • Component #1: 3-Maleimidopropionic acid NHS-ester (white crystals)
  • Component #2: Azide-PEG4-amine (colorless to yellowish liquid)


  1. Add 1 mL of dry organic solvent such as dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) or dimethyl formamide (DMF) to 1.1 eq oil-like Azide-PEG4-amine (Component #2) and shake for 30 seconds. The solvent volume is taken in accordance with the initial quantities of the components.
  2. Add 1.0 eq of solid 3-Maleimidopropionic acid NHS-ester (Component #1) to a solution of 1.1 eq Azide-PEG4-amine (Component #2) with stirring or shaking, and then stir or shake for 30 minutes at room temperature. TLC can be used to confirm that the reaction was completed.

    Important! For large-scale load (1 g) gradual addition of 3-Maleimidopropionic acid NHS-ester (in portions of 50 mg over 5 minutes) to an Azide-PEG4-amine solution with stirring in an inert atmosphere is recommended.

Component Ratio Amount
3-Maleimidopropionic acid NHS-ester 1.0 eq 27.7 mg
Azide-PEG4-amine 1.1 eq 25.0 mg

General properties

Storage conditions: Transportation: at room temperature. Store at -20°С.
MSDS: Download


Storage time in months: 12
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