Hexaethylene glycol phosphoramidite

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Spacer phosphoramidite 18 (hexaethylene glycol phosphoramidite) is an amidite reagent for oligonucleotide synthesis. It provides a long hydrophilic linker that can be used for the synthesis of Scorpion-type qPCR probes, for spacing biotin from oligo strand, and for other applications requiring spatial separation of modifier and oligo.

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General properties

Appearance: colorless/yellowish oil
Molecular weight: 784.92
CAS number: 125607-09-2
Molecular formula: C42H61N2O10P
Solubility: good in most organic solvents
Quality control: NMR 1H, 31P, HPLC-MS (95%), testing in oligo sythesis
Storage conditions: Storage: 12 months after receival at -20°C in the dark. Transportation: at room temperature for up to 3 weeks. Avoid prolonged exposure to light. Desiccate.
MSDS: Download
Product specifications

Oligo synthesis details

Diluent: acetonitrile
Coupling conditions: standard coupling, identical to normal nucleobases
Deprotection conditions: identical to protected nucleobases
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