sulfo-Cyanine5 maleimide

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A water soluble, hydrophilic sulfo-Cyanine5 maleimide (Cy5® maleimide analog). We recommend this product for protein labeling, including labeling of antibodies as a perfect replacement for Cy5® maleimide. Labeled proteins can be easily separated from unreacted dye by gel filtration, spin column purification, dialysis, electrophoresis or chromatography.

An analog without sulfo groups, Cyanine5 maleimide, is also available.

Sulfo-Cyanine5 absorbance and emission spectra

Sulfo-Cyanine5 absorbance and emission spectra

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General properties

Appearance: dark blue powder
Molecular weight: 803.00
CAS number: 2242791-82-6
Molecular formula: C38H43KN4O9S2
Solubility: soluble in water, DMSO, DMF
Quality control: NMR 1H, HPLC-MS (95+%)
Storage conditions: Storage: 24 months after receival at -20°C in the dark. Transportation: at room temperature for up to 3 weeks. Avoid prolonged exposure to light. Desiccate.
MSDS: Download
Product specifications

Spectral properties

Excitation/absorption maximum, nm: 646
ε, L⋅mol−1⋅cm−1: 271000
Emission maximum, nm: 662
Fluorescence quantum yield: 0.28
CF260: 0.04
CF280: 0.04

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