Cyanine3 phosphoramidite 5'

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Cyanine3 is a fluorophore that is widely used in molecular biology experiments such as oligonucleotide labeling followed by oligonucleotide detection. By its spectral characteristics, Cyanine3 is an analog of Cy™3 with a fluorescence maximum at 570 nm in the yellow spectrum range.

Cyanine3 phosphoramidite 5’ is used in oligonucleotide synthesis for the production of 5’-cyanine3-labeled oligonucleotides. The reagent is compatible with various oligonucleotide synthesizers.

This phosphoramidite can be used for the synthesis of fluorescence-labeled primers and hybridization probes such as TaqMan and Molecular Beacon. Such labeled probes can be detected in multiplex real-time PCR in the TAMRA channel.

Condensation: 3 min. Use 0.02 M iodine solution at the oxidation step to avoid degradation of the cyanine dye.

Deprotection: At room temperature with 30% aqueous ammonium solution. It is recommended to use nucleic bases with labile protective groups for deprotection for not more than 2 h at less than 55°C. AMA (30% aqueous ammonium solution/40% aqueous methylamine 1:1 (v/v)) can be used for 10 min at 65°C in the presence of acetyldeoxycytidine. If deoxyguanidine with a dimethylformamidine protective group is used during synthesis, deprotect with 30% aqueous ammonium solution for 2 h at 65°C. If deoxyguanidine with an isobutyryl protective group is used during synthesis, deprotect for 24-36 h at room temperature.

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Amidite for the synthesis of oligonucleotides and qPCR probes bearing 5'-terminal dye Cyanine5.5. Useful dye for multiplex qPCR.
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Cyanine5 phosphoramidite

Phosphoramidite derivative of Cyanine5 for the use in oligonucleotide synthesis.
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Copper(II)-TBTA complex, 10 mM in 55% aq. DMSO

Catalyst for bioconjugate synthesis by Click Chemistry.

General properties

Appearance: red powder
Molecular weight: 841.81
Molecular formula: C45H65N5BF4O3P
Solubility: good in acetonitrile, dichloromethane
Quality control: NMR 1H, 31P, HPLC-MS (80%)
Storage conditions: Storage: 12 months after receival at -20°C in the dark. Transportation: at room temperature for up to 3 weeks. Avoid prolonged exposure to light. Desiccate.
MSDS: Download
Product specifications

Spectral properties

Excitation/absorption maximum, nm: 555
ε, L⋅mol−1⋅cm−1: 150000
Emission maximum, nm: 570
Fluorescence quantum yield: 0.31
CF260: 0.04
CF280: 0.09

Oligo synthesis details

Diluent: acetonitrile
Coupling conditions: 6 min coupling time recommended
Deprotection conditions: recommended 48 h at +4°C or ultramild protective groups; 24 h at rt possible
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