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PEG3 diiodide is a homobifunctional linker with two iodide functional groups which are very reactive against many nucleophiles like thiols, amines, alkoxy anions, etc. Can be used to synthesize hydrophilic symmetrical conjugates.

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A bifunctional compound containing carboxylic acid functional group, and iodide, an active halogen group.


Iodo-PEG3-Azide is a bifunctional linker with a highly reactive alkylative halogen functional group, and an azido group for Click chemistry / Staudinger ligation.

General properties

Appearance: colorless to dark liquid
Molecular weight: 369.97
CAS number: 36839-55-1
Molecular formula: C6H12I2O2
IUPAC name: 1,2-bis(2-iodoethoxy)ethane
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