TFA-aminolinker C6 phosphoramidite

Cat. # Quantity Price Lead time
1777-100mg 100 mg –   21 days
1777-250mg 250 mg $110.00 21 days
1777-1g 1 g $190.00 in stock
1777-5g 5 g $590.00 21 days
1777-10g 10 g please inquire 21 days

N-trifluoroacetyl (TFA) protected aminolink C6 phosphoramidite for the synthesis of 5'-amino-modified oligonucleotides. TFA protection is smoothly removed during ammonia deprotection, and does not require any additional steps. If necessary, the resulting oligonucleotides can be purified by ion exchange chromatography, or gel electrophoresis.

5'-terminal amino modified oligos are used for the production of DNA arrays, and for subsequent 5'-terminal modification with NHS esters.

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