Product ProteOrange is a fluorescent dye for the staining of proteins in gels. ProteOrange is an analog of SYPRO orange. It is more sensitive than Coumassie.
Cat. # 40210

Product Sensitive fluorescence-based assay reagent 500x concentrate for quantitating purified protein samples. The reagent shows minimal variability for different proteins.
Cat. # 41210

Ready kit The core of this Protein Quantification Kit is a very sensitive ProteOrange fluorescent dye. This dye is suitable for use with spectrofluorometers and microplate readers. The kit is optimised for protein quantification, with detection level as low as 10 ng/mL of protein in final solution.
Cat. # 14102

Protocol ProteOrange is a convenient tool for staining relatively heavy (over 6 kDa) proteins during SDS-PAGE. ProteOrange can subsitute Coomassie, its detection limit is one order of magnitude smaller. It is not as sensitive as silver, however staining procedure is rather simple. Stained proteins can be visualized at 312-365 nm. Suitable for Western Blotting, for Triton X-100 gel electrophoresis. Not for staining proteins on membrane.


Staining proteins with ProteOrange in polyacrylamide gels.

Help Step-by-step instructions on staining proteins with ProteOrange from Lumiprobe in polyacrylamide gels.

Manual User manual for highly sensitive protein quantification by fluorescence-based assay using ProteOrange reagent


What is the concentration of ProteOrange Protein Gel Stain, 5000× (#40210)?

Help ProteOrange dye concentration in stock solution.


Can I stain proteins in fixed cells with ProteOrange dye?

Help Short description of Protein staining experience with ProteOrange dye from Lumiprobe.

Web page Collection of recommended protocols for the use with Lumiprobe reagents: labeling of biomolecules, working with fluorescent dyes etc.

Web page A brief description of quality system at Lumiprobe

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