Lumiprobe fluorophores used in iGEM synthetic biology worldwide competition

Students from Bielefeld University in Germany are participating in the iGEM 2017 competition and will use Lumiprobe's fluorophores for their project.

Last month, Lumiprobe provided a set of fluorophores to the iGEM 2017 team of Bielefeld University, including Cyanine5 azide for Click Chemistry, Cyanine3 hydrazide for conjugation with aldehyde groups and Cyanine3 maleimide for labeling -SH groups in proteins.

The project presented at iGEM aims at extending the genetic code of E. coli to introduce non-canonical (non-natural) amino acid residues into proteins. This promising technique may find applications in e.g. the development of new antibiotics and protein purification strategies.

iGEM (“internatonal Genetically Engineered Machine”) took place for the first time in 2003. Every year, this competition attracts students working in the field of synthetic biology from all over the world. The event takes place in Boston, where more than 300 teams will present their results to an international jury.

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