New QuDye kits for quick DNA/protein quantification

Lumiprobe has developed new kits optimized for routine experiments on determination of low DNA/protein content solutions. Each of the two biopolymers can be quantified selectively in presence of potentially interfering molecules.

The QuDye Protein Quantification kit includes concentrated 200x assay reagent, dilution buffer, and protein standards. The assay is tolerant to contaminants such as reducing agents, nucleotides, free amino acids, DNA. Presence of detergents would distort the results. This assay is accurate for initial samples concentrations from 12.5 pg/uL to 5 ng/uL.

The QuDye dsDNA HS Assay kit includes the concentrated QuDye HS assay reagent, dilution buffer, and a DNA standard. The kit is selective towards dsDNA (double-stranded DNA) over RNA. The assay tolerates contaminants like salts, free nucleotides, detergents, or proteins. It is accurate for initial sample concentrations from 10 pg/uL to 100 ng/uL.

Each kit allows to simply dilute the reagent&buffer concentrates and start the measurements. Qubit® instrument allows to read 1–20 uL samples. The quality of measurements can be higher than the one above specified when the same buffer is used to measure the background and prepare the sample.

The kits are always in stock and ready for immediate shipping. 100 measurements will cost you less then 60$!

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