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We are happy to present our new products designed to meet your needs:

  • sulfo-Cyanine5 DBCO is a dibenzocyclooctyl derivative of sulfo-Cyanine5 (a water-soluble dye) with red emission. This product is ideal for labeling biomolecules in aqueous media by copper-free click chemistry.
  • 6-FAM DBCO can be used for click labeling of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids and other molecules with azide groups. This label is compatible with a variety of devices featuring a FAM (green) channel.
  • TAMRA NHS ester, 5-isomer is an amino-reactive rhodamine dye working via a reaction of the N-hydroxy succinimide moiety with amino groups of the target molecule. We provide the pure 5-isomer.

Request free trial-size products during April/May 2019 via our feedback form or website chat and come to appreciate the quality of our reagents.

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