AF 430 in Fluorophores

Absorption max 430 nm Emission max 542 nm Fluorophore chart

AF 430 is a coumarin dye with absorption maximum at 430 nm and emission in green-yellow range (maximum at 542 nm). The dye is one of few fluorophores that absorb in the range between UV-excited fluorophores (e.g. DAPI with an excitation peak at 358 nm, AMCA/AMCA-X at ~350 nm) and fluorescein (maximum at 494 nm). It is a photostable and hydrophilic dye - trifluoromethyl group in its structure reduces photobleaching while sulfo group provides better hydrophilicity and higher quantum yield in aqueous solution. Its fluorescence is independent of pH over a wide range of pH values (from pH 4 to pH 10) and can be excited by 405 nm violet laser.

AF 430 possesses a large Stokes shift of 112 nm which makes the dye valuable for multi-color imaging applications, including wide-field and confocal fluorescence microscopy, STED microscopy, and flow cytometry. Fluorophores with large Stokes shift allow reducing cross-talk and the number of excitation/detection channels.

As the dye exhibits high photostability, it is suitable for STED microscopy where enormous light intensities are used. AF 430 is applied in multicolor STED microscopy by combining two dyes — one with a large and one with a small Stokes shift. Depletion of both dyes can be performed with one wavelength (AF 430 can be depleted by 660 nm laser).

Due to its specific spectral properties, AF 430 is often used in FRET experiments both in material and life sciences.

AF 430 alkyne

Alkyne derivative of yellow-green fluorescent dye AF 430 for copper-catalyzed click reaction with azides.
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E08B0 50 mg $1270.00 in stock
F08B0 100 mg $1990.00 in stock

AF 430 amine

AF 430 dye with a terminal amino group with emission in the yellow-green region of the spectrum.
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108C0 1 mg $110.00 in stock
208C0 5 mg $290.00 in stock
408C0 25 mg $690.00 in stock
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AF 430 azide

Azide derivative of AF 430 for labeling and detecting alkyne-containing biomolecules via сlick reaction.
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A0830 1 mg $110.00 in stock
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D0830 25 mg $690.00 in stock
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AF 430 carboxylic acid

Non-reactive form of AF 430 fluorescent dye to be used as a reference standard.
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10890 1 mg $110.00 in stock
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40890 25 mg $380.00 in stock
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AF 430 hydrazide

AF 430 hydrazide is a carbonyl-reactive dye for conjugating with aldehydes and ketones.
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AF 430 maleimide

AF 430 is a green-yellow emitting fluorescent dye of the coumarin series. This maleimide derivative allows the labeling of thiolated biomolecules.
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10880 1 mg $110.00 in stock
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40880 25 mg $690.00 in stock
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AF 430 NHS ester

AF 430 is a hydrophilic coumarin dye with emission in the green-yellow range. The NHS ester is used for the labeling of amine groups.
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10820 1 mg $110.00 in stock
20820 5 mg $165.00 in stock
40820 25 mg $380.00 in stock
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AF 430 tetrazine

Tetrazine derivative of AF 430 fluorescent dye suitable for in vitro cell labeling.
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108E0 1 mg $110.00 in stock
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