BDP 505/515 stain for the detection of nonpolar lipids in live cells

BDP 505/515 is a lipophilic fluorescent dye that can be used as a vital stain for experiments performed on living cells by flow cytometry and confocal microscopy. The dye accumulates in the lipid-rich cellular organelles and has been shown to stain only apolar neutral lipids. This fluorophore has a narrow emission spectrum, making it valuable for confocal imaging. BDP 505/515 dye exhibits an exceptionally high photostability and a high quantum yield of ~0.9 which allows performing confocal imaging of live cells with a low photobleaching rate. It reduces phototoxicity caused by the production of free radicals (in case of prolonged time-lapse recordings). The fluorochrome is excited by the blue laser (488 nm) and its emission peak is at 512 nm.

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