New PEG-linker Iodo-PEG3-azide for your conjugation needs

Iodo-PEG3-azide is a water-soluble heterobifunctional linker for conjugation needs. It contains a highly reactive iodide functional group which is considered to be a very good leaving group in nucleophilic substitution reactions and can alkylate a variety of C-, O-, N-, S-centered and other nucleophiles, including thiols, amines, alkoxy anions, etc. Azide group participates in Click chemistry reactions (both CuAAC and spAAC) and Staudinger ligation. PEG linkers are shown to be less toxic and poorly immunogenic compared to other linkers. The hydrophilic and moderately long PEG3 spacer arm increases reagent and conjugate solubility in aqueous media.

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