QuDye ssDNA Assay Kit

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10 assays
–   1 days
100 assays
$110 1 days
/ includes tubes
100 assays (incl. tubes)
$130 1 days
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The kit is intended for quantification of single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) with fluorometer. With this kit you can measure concentration of either oligonucleotide or long ssDNA.

The kit includes concentrated QuDye ssDNA Reagent, dilution buffer, and ssDNA quantitative standards (0 and 20 ng/uL). For quantification of your samples dilute the reagent using the buffer, add samples (sample volume can vary between 1 and 20 uL), and perform fluorescence measurements with a fluorometer. The range of ssDNA concentrations measured is from 50 pg/μL to 200 ng/μL for initial sample (final DNA content in the assay tube after diluting the sample in the dye working solution is 1–200 ng).

QuDye ssDNA Reagent also binds to double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) and RNA, so they should be avoided in the ssDNA sample. Free nucleotides and other minor contaminants such as salts, detergents, solvents, and proteins have non-significant effect on measurement results.

A wide linear dynamic range of QuDye ssDNA Reagent combined with a small sample volume required for measurements (1–20 uL) makes this kit a quick and convenient tool for quantification of single-stranded DNA.

Ready-to-use kit manual


General properties

Storage conditions: Store at +4 °С. Warm to RT before use.
MSDS: Download


Storage time in months: 12
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