LumiMAG genomic DNA Blood and Buccal Kit

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The LumiMAG genomic DNA Blood and Buccal Kit is designed for rapid and highly-efficient isolation of genomic DNA from whole blood and swabs using magnetic bead technology. The kit allows high performance when purifying DNA from a large number of samples. It is compatible with both automated platforms for nucleic acid purification and manual extraction using a magnetic rack.

Genomic DNA extraction consists of two steps. First, the sample is prepared: the initial specimen is combined with magnetic beads and Proteinase K, and then with a lysis solution. In the following step, a series of washings and subsequent elution of DNA bound to the bead surface is performed with the use of an automated purification platform or a magnetic rack. Extracted DNA is free of proteins and other impurities. Magnetic bead-based DNA isolation using automated platforms allows high-throughput parallel processing of many samples, making it convenient to use, reducing hands-on time, and increasing results reproducibility and robustness.

Kit Specifications:

  • Samples: whole blood, swabs of different origin
  • Extraction method: magnetic bead-based technology
  • Compatible instruments: KingFisher™ Flex, MagMAX™ Express-96, KingFisher™ Duo Prime, KingFisher™ mL, etc.

The isolated DNA is suitable for PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, Southern blotting, preparing samples for Sanger sequencing and NGS, etc.

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