Biotinylation in Applications

Biotinylation is used to modify biomolecules with biotin label, which can be subsequently detected with streptavidin or avidin. Lumiprobe offers a range of biotin reagents with PEGylated or X spacers, as well as various reactive groups for conjugation of primary amines, sulfhydryls, carboxyls, and click chemistry.

Biotin alkyne

Biotin alkyne is a reactive affinity label which can be attached to biomolecules via click reaction.
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C37B0 10 mg $90.00 in stock
D37B0 25 mg $160.00 in stock
E37B0 50 mg $270.00 in stock
F37B0 100 mg $420.00 in stock

Biotin phosphoramidite (hydroxyprolinol)

Biotin phosphoramidite reagent for the synthesis of biotinylated oligos. Contains a dimethyoxytrityl group.
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22360 250 mg $240.00 in stock
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82360 10 g please inquire in stock


Biotin azide is a reagent for click chemistry labeling with biotin, a well-known affinity probe.
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C3730 10 mg $40.00 in stock
D3730 25 mg $90.00 in stock
E3730 50 mg $140.00 in stock
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