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Kits containing reagents and other necessary materials can save your time and effort.

Protein labeling

Lumiprobe protein labeling kits contain all necessary chemical components and consumables to achieve quick and efficient modification of proteins with little effort. Labeling kits make use of NHS ester chemistry.

DNA/RNA isolation

Kits for isolation of nucleic acids, DNA and RNA, from various biological samples.
Group tags PCR and qPCR

Quantification of biomolecules

Kits for the quantification of nucleic acids and proteins. Compatible with various fluorescence measuring equipment.
  • Pico488 dsDNA quantification kit
    A kit for the quantification of dsDNA using Pico488 fluorescent dye.
  • ProteOrange Protein Quantification Kit
    The core of this Protein Quantification Kit is a very sensitive ProteOrange fluorescent dye. This dye is suitable for use with spectrofluorometers and microplate readers. The kit is optimised for protein quantification, with detection level as low as 10 ng/mL of protein in final solution.
  • QuDye Protein Quantification Kit
    Ready kit for simple and tolerant to contaminants quantification of proteins. Kit includes concentrated assay reagent, dilution buffer, and prediluted BSA standards.
  • QuDye dsDNA BR Assay Kit
    Ready kit for accurate DNA quantification with fluorometer in the broad range from 100 pg/µL to 1000 ng/µL. Common contaminants are well tolerated in the assay, only 1-20 µL of experimental sample is required. Measurements are performed at room temperature.
  • QuDye dsDNA HS Assay Kit
    Ready kit optimised for fluorometers featuring high sensitivity (HS) and a measurements range from 10 pg/uL to 100 ng/uL
  • QuDye ssDNA Assay Kit
    Ready kit for accurate and sensitive quantification of single-stranded DNA with fluorometer; the measurement range is from 50 pg/μL to 200 ng/μL for initial ssDNA sample.
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