Pegylation & PEG Linkers

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Polyethylene glycol (PEG) linkers are necessary for bioconjugation and pegylation. Lumiprobe offers a range of PEG based products with different linker lengths, bearing various reactive groups.

  • Alkyne-PEG3-COOH
    Bifunctional linker with terminal alkyne function, and carboxylic acid moiety, CAS# 1415800-32-6.
  • Alkyne-PEG3-OH
    Alkyne-PEG3-OH is a triethyleneglycol based bifunctional linker with a hydroxyl group and an alkyne fragment.
  • Azide-PEG3-Amine
    A bifunctional linker with azide and amine groups flanking PEG3 (triethylene glycol)
  • Azide-PEG3-Azide
    Triethylene glycol diazide (CAS# 59559-06-7) is a bifunctional crosslinker bearing two azide groups. Suitable for Click chemistry.
  • PEG3 dicarboxylic acid
    PEG3 dicarboxylic acid is a bifunctional linker carrying two carboxy groups. It contains a polyethyleneglycol-3 linker between the carboxyls.
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