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Bifunctional crosslinkers

Bifunctional crosslinker reagents for the conjugation of different biomolecules, including proteins, peptides, and oligonucleotides.
  • Alkyne NHS ester (hexynoic acid NHS ester)
    Alkyne NHS ester for the labeling of biomolecules with alkyne group for Copper catalyzed Click chemistry.
  • Alkyne hydrazide
    Bifunctional reagent containing alkyne group and hydrazide function. It reacts with aldehydes and ketones. Alkyne group can then be coupled with various azides via CuAAC reaction.
  • Alkyne maleimide
    Maleimide reagent for the attachment of alkyne functional group to proteins, peptides, and other molecules bearing SH (thiol) groups, including cysteine residues.
  • Azide-PEG3-amine
    A bifunctional linker with azide and amine group flanking PEG3 (triethylene glycol).
  • Azide-PEG3-azide
    Triethylene glycol diazide is a bifunctional crosslinker bearing two azide groups. Suitable for Click chemistry.
  • Azidobutyric acid NHS ester
    Activated ester for azido labeling of peptides and proteins.
  • Cyanine7 dicarboxylic acid
    Cyanine7 dicarboxylic acid is a bifunctional dye molecule possessing two carboxylic acid groups.
  • DBCO NHS ester
    Azodibenzocyclooctyne (DBCO, ADIBO) reagent for strain promoted copper free Click chemistry (spAAC). The reagent contains an NHS ester function for the attachment of the cyclooctyne to various molecules.
  • Pentynoic acid STP ester
    An activated ester for the introduction of alkyne into peptides/proteins.
  • Sulfo-Cyanine5 bis-NHS ester
    Water soluble amine reactive Cyanine5 dye with two NHS ester groups.
  • Sulfo-Cyanine7.5 dicarboxylic acid
    Sulfo-Cyanine7.5 dicarboxylic acid is a bifunctional cyanine dye with two carboxylic acid (COOH) groups. The molecule can be used to construct cross conjugates containing a near infrared emitting fluorophore.
  • sulfo-Cyanine7 dicarboxylic acid
    Sulfo-Cyanine7 dicarboxylic acid is a bifunctional dye with two carboxyl groups.

Auxiliary reagents

Auxiliary reagents for Click Chemistry, labeling, and conjugation. Catalysts and ligands for copper catalyzed Click chemistry, various buffers and solvent for bioconjguation.
Group tags Click chemistry

Proteomic reagents

Reagents for proteomic research, 2D electrophoresis of proteins
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