DNA / product groups & items in this category
Reagents for DNA synthesis and modification. Nucleoside and nucleotide derivatives, phosphoramidites and solid supports for solid phase oligo synthesis.


Dye stains, DNA-binding dyes, reference dyes for PCR, and other fluorescent tools for DNA amplification and detection.

Modified triphosphates

Triphosphates for enzymatic labeling and modification of DNA with fluorescent dyes, reactive groups, and affinity groups.
  • Amino-11-dUTP
    Amino-11-dUTP is a triphosphate for the modification of DNA.
  • Amino-11-ddUTP
    Amino-11-ddUTP is a triphosphate for the modification of DNA.


Phosphoramidite (amidite) modifiers for solid phase automated oligonucleotide synthesis. Fluorescent phosphoramidites, amidites for Click chemistry DNA modification.

CPG solid supports

Modified controlled pore glass (CPG) solid supports for oligonucleotide synthesis. Used for the 3'-modification of oligonucleotide in automated synthesis.
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